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We make it easy to make more money than ever before in the charity and fundraising auction business. By using our tools, training, and access to thousands of consignment travel packages, you can grow your business quickly without any of the overhead. Joining Auction Affiliates immediately provides you with a team to support your business, ready to make sure your clients and their donors have the best possible experience.

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Your Team

Operations and Concierge Service

You get a team ready to support your growing charity and fundraising auctioneering business. We take care of adding and pricing packages and maintaining your custom branded Package Portal. We also handle the billing and commission payments. When your client's donors are ready to travel, they simply submit a redemption code through our Trip Redeemer system and our in-house Concierge Team takes care of everything from answering questions to booking!

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Your Brand

Branding and Whitelabel

Auction Affiliates provides you with a branded and white labeled Package Portal. We can even provide you with a custom domain to take clients directly to your site, where they can select from travel and experience packages that meet their needs. You can also use the portal to showcase packages during meetings, and even complete a Consignment Agreement with your client with just a few clicks on your site!

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Even More Benefits to Joining!


  • Live and On-Demand Training to help you maximize your clients event and raise more money than ever before.
  • Commissions paid as soon as funds are received.
  • No cap or limit on commissions.
  • Track your commissions and payouts online in your Affiliate Portal.
  • No-Risk to you or your clients - only pay for the packages that sell.
  • Most packages can be sold multiple times at the same event - and we can show you how!
  • Access to thousands of travel consignment packages with price ranges to match any event or client.

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